1000 CT (500 pairs) EyeWear Sleeves PREMIUM EYEGLASS PROTECTORS

Eyeglass Slip Covers from EyeWear Sleeves
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1000 Premium Eyeglass Protection Sleeves.

Stand the Display box on the counter to offer for sale or get the Dispenser box to refill twice. Enough for everyone, put these where customers buy products or get services done. Case contains 1000 eyeglass sleeves, that's 500 uses for $44.99.

Same great flat rate shipping anywhere in the US for twice as much product.

Our 10 individual 100 count packs, now come conveniently sealed in reclosable bags automatically. 

Designer patterns are now available!

Try our sleeves in either Zebra or Variegated Striped styles.

You won't find them anywhere else and are a beautiful way to show clients you care.

Get yours while supplies last! 

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Price $44.99