Shirley's Temple GuardsĀ® EYEGLASS PROTECTORS 500 CT (250 pairs)

Eyeglass Protection from hair color and other chemicals in Salon and Spa treatments.
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"The Stylist" 500 Eyeglass Protectors.

Your own supply, enough eyeglass protection for all your clients. Stand the box upright or flat at the back counter or sink to take up less space than a traditional box. You can also slip it into the color cart pocket for on the go convenience. 5" x 8" x 1.5" dispenser box fits 500 or 1000 pieces comfortably and ships for one flat rate!

One convenient size, that slips on easily over glasses.

Stylish dispenser box sits neatly on your counter or the color cart.

We can match all comparable competitors prices. Bulk quote pricing available. 

Designer patterns are now available!

Try our sleeves in either Zebra or Variegated Striped styles.

You won't find them anywhere else and are a beautiful way to show clients you care.



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