Shirley's Temple Guards® EYEGLASS PROTECTORS 1000 CT (500 pairs)

Eyeglass Side Shields from Shirley's Temple Guards
  • Item #: 003

"The Salon Owner" 1000 Eyeglass Protectors. 

Enough eyeglass protection for everyone. Stand the box upright or flat at the back counter or sink to take up less space than a traditional box. You can also slip it into the hair color cart pocket for on the go convenience. 5" x 8" x 1.5" dispenser box fits 500 or 1000 pieces comfortably.

If you'd like your 10 individual 100 count packs conveniently sealed in reclosable bags instead of our standards baggies, please select the w/ reclosable bags option.

Designer patterns are now available!

Try our sleeves in either Zebra or Variegated Striped styles.

You won't find them anywhere else and are a beautiful way to show clients you care.


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